The Violin.
Expressive. Dynamic. Passionate.
Now join the experience.

How? By starting with great advice and resources. The violin is an incredibly rewarding instrument to play, but also one of the most difficult to master.

I want you to be able to share the passion of playing this instrument, so I have put together this site to help you get off to the best start you can.

  • Get free lessons online (but only if you promise to do everything you can to get a good teacher!!)
  • Arm yourself with knowledge of what to look for when buying violins
  • Learn how to practice - and why practice does not make perfect
  • Get great sources of violin music
  • Find out about accessories - get the best and forget the rest
  • Learn about the history and making of violins
Your violin journey can be a lifetime source of joy - or a flash-in-the-pan frustration. Now there is no need to let lack of knowledge or resources frustrate your experience.

Learn from the information on this site then get off your computer and start playing...

Polish the practice, perfect the performance, pursue the passion!

Enjoy :-)

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